SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 605: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 605


The graph of y = x2 is shown in the figure above. Which of the following is the graph of y = -(x + 3)2 - 4?


Correct Answer: D


D The answer choices are split between those that are oriented like the original graph of y = x2 and those that are flipped upside down. In the equation y = –(x + 3)2 – 4, the negative sign flips the graph upside down, so eliminate the right-side up ones in A and B. Any number inside the parentheses added to x moves the graph to the left. Eliminate C because it has moved to the right. Any number outside the parentheses moves the graph up or down: When the number is subtracted from the expression in parentheses, the graph moves down, which makes D correct; E is the result that would happen if 4 were added instead of subtracted.

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