SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 78: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 78

12. Which point is not 5 units from the origin?

A. (-5, 0)
B. (5, 5)
C. (3, -4)
D. (0, 5)
E. (0, -5)

Correct Answer: B


B. Don't pick Choice (C) just because it doesn't have any 5s in it. Instead, do a quick drawing of Choice (C). There's your old friend, the 3-4-5 triangle:

You can also use the distance formula to check whether the distance from each point to the origin is 5. Choices (A), (D), and (E) are all five units from the origin — left, up, and down, respectively. But Choice (B) is more than 5 units away from the origin. You can figure this out by making a drawing or by using the distance formula:

, which is not 5.

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