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Question: 123

3. Rob has his favorite guitar tuned up and ready to bring to a performance by his cover band at a local venue Saturday. He decides at the last minute to bring x additional guitars, just in case his favorite guitar has an issue. If the total number of guitars that Robert brings to the performance can be modeled as x + 1, what does the "+ 1" account for in the expression?

  • A. It accounts for an additional guitar that Rob returns to his house and picks up in the middle of the performance.
  • B. It accounts for his favorite guitar, which Rob was bringing from the beginning.
  • C. It accounts for the number of additional guitars that Rob decided to bring.
  • D. It accounts for an additional non-guitar musical instrument that Rob decided to bring.

Correct Answer: B


B Since the question states that Rob is planning to bring his favorite guitar plus x additional guitars, he will have a total of x + 1 guitars. The question states that the variable x represents the number of additional guitars, so the number 1 must represent Rob's favorite guitar, which is (B).

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