SAT Math Multiple Choice Question 132: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 132

12. McCoy Max Speed, Inc. makes custom skateboards for its customers. Two wooden skateboards and three composite skateboards cost $650. Three wooden skateboards and one composite skateboard cost $450. How much would McCoy Max Speed charge a customer who purchases five wooden skateboards and four composite skateboards?

  • A. $500
  • B. $600
  • C. $1,000
  • D. $1,100

Correct Answer: D


D If you represent the wooden skateboards with a w and the composite skateboards with a c, you can write two equations based on the information given in the question: 2w + 3c = 650 and 3w + c = 450. It is possible to isolate one of the variables and solve these two equations by substitution, but in this case it is easier simply to stack the equations on top of each other and add them together as follows:

Since the question asks for the price of five wooden skateboards and four composite skateboards, the answer is (D).

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