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Question: 136


Given the scatterplot graph above, ten students at Welton Academy were polled at random about their usage of the school's new physics-centered social media app, E = MC Shared. The app was developed to encourage students to discuss physics curricula and concepts in ways that mirrored social media trends in 2013. Students were asked how many times they logged into the app each day as well as how many posts they actually made using the app. With the given data, what conclusions can be drawn about this group of students?

  • A. The majority of students polled logged in more times per day than they posted.
  • B. The majority of students polled posted more times per day than they logged in.
  • C. The majority of students polled logged in and posted an equal number of times.
  • D. No relationship can be drawn between logins per day and posts per day.

Correct Answer: A


A The best way to approach this question is through POE. Choice (A) states that the majority of students polled logged in more times than they posted. The values along the x-axis of the graph are, for most of the data points, higher than the values along the y-axis of the graph, and thus (A) is true according to the data provided. This same data contradicts (B) and (C). You can eliminate (D) because the data does, in fact, allow you to draw a conclusion about the relationship between the variables.

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