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Question: 142

7. George and Joe both interview the same 20 fellow students regarding their interest in their school's new Model UN Club. George asked the students to respond with Interested, Sort of Interested, and Not Interested. Joe asked the students to rate their interest on a scale of 1 to 5. The results of the polls are below.

George's Poll

Response Number of Students
Interested 8
Sort of Interested 5
Not Interested 7

Joe's Poll

Rating Number of Students
1 5
2 4
3 3
4 4
5 4

After reviewing the data, the Model UN advisors determine that Joe neglected to include whether a 1 or 5 was the best rating in his report. What additional piece of information would most help the advisor determine whether a 1 or 5 was the best rating?

  • A. Requesting that George redo his poll with the same rating system as Joe's poll.
  • B. Requesting that Joe redo his poll with the same rating system as George's poll.
  • C. Polling all of the students who said "Interested" in George's Poll and asking them to choose between "Extremely Interested" and "Very Interested."
  • D. Polling all of the students who gave a "1" rating in Joe's poll and ask them if they are interested in Model UN.

Correct Answer: D


D The issue that needs clarification here is whether the students polled by Joe thought that a score of 1 or a score of 5 was good. Since (A) and (C) deal with George's poll, they would do nothing to help clarify this ambiguity. Choice (B) might help us to figure out which of the students Joe polled were interested in the Model UN Club; it would not help to determine whether 1 or 5 was the best rating. Choice (D) is thus the best answer.

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