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Question: 172

7. Maggie's and Glenn's Distances from Home During Jog

Maggie and Glenn both leave from the same house to go for a jog along a trail. Shortly after leaving, Maggie realizes she forgot her iPod and returns home to find it before heading back out onto the same trail. The graph above shows how far each of them is from home for the first fifteen minutes of their jogs.

What is Glenn's approximate average speed in meters per second for the portion of his jog shown?

  • A. 3.3
  • B. 15
  • C. 200
  • D. 12000

Correct Answer: A


A First, convert the minutes shown in the graph to seconds. Multiply 15 minutes by 60 seconds to get 900 seconds. Then, since speed is distance divided by time, simply divide 3,000 meters by 900 seconds. The answer is 3.3 m/s, which is (A).

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