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Question: 175

10. The varsity swim team at Northwest High is planning a team trip and needs to choose between Austin, TX, and Pensacola, FL. The team takes a vote and the results of the vote are shown in the table below.

Juniors Seniors
Austin, TX 14 19
Pensacola, FL 7 23

Given the information shown above, which of the following statements is true?

  • A. The number of juniors that prefer Pensacola, FL, is twice the number of juniors that prefer Austin, TX.
  • B. The seniors are more than three times as likely to prefer Pensacola, FL, than are the juniors.
  • C. The number of seniors that prefer Austin, TX, is 5% more than the number of juniors that prefer Austin.
  • D. One-third of the juniors prefer Pensacola, FL.

Correct Answer: D


D Use Process of Elimination on this question. Choice (A) cannot be correct because more juniors prefer Austin to Pensacola. Choice (B) sounds appealing, but "more than three times as likely" means the seniors as a whole need to prefer Pensacola more than three times as much as the juniors do as a whole. Seniors prefer Pensacola 23 out of 42, or 55%. Juniors prefer it 7 out of 21, or 33%. So, seniors do not prefer Pensacola more than three times as much as juniors do. You can also eliminate (C) because more than half of all juniors prefer Austin, while less than half of all seniors prefer Austin. The statement in (D) is correct since 7 is one-third of the total of 21 juniors.

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