SAT Math Multiple Choice Question 184: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 184

4. The map below shows the layout of streets in a city and the location of several places. Each horizontal or vertical line between two adjacent streets represents a city block, and each city block represents 0.6 miles.

Josh needs to drive from Kelly's Kitchen to Gary's Grocery. If Josh drives the shortest distance possible on the roads shown above at a constant speed of 30 miles per hour, how long does it take him to make the trip from Kelly's Kitchen to Gary's Grocery?

  • A. 6 minutes
  • B. 10 minutes
  • C. 12 minutes
  • D. 20 minutes

Correct Answer: C


C First, count the number of blocks that Josh needs to drive. He needs to drive 4 blocks north and 6 blocks east for a total of 10 blocks. You need to convert this into miles, which can be done with the following proportion: . The drive is a total of 6 miles. Since Josh drives at 30 miles per hour, you can set up a second proportion: . Cross-multiply and solve to get that x = or of an hour. This equals 12 minutes in (C).

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