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Question: 192

12. A gaming company conducted a study to find out what age groups preferred which types of games. The table below outlines the survey results.

According to the information provided in the table, the gaming company concludes that if they can double the number of 19- to 22-year olds playing sports games, and increase the number of sports gamers in the 9- to 13-year old age group, they will have equal total numbers of players for each game type if they double the number of players of adventure games in which age group?

  • A. 23- to 60-year olds
  • B. 19- to 22-year olds
  • C. 14- to 18-year olds
  • D. 9- to 13-year olds

Correct Answer: D


D First, determine the total number of gamers in each game type by adding up the columns. There are 110,000,000 gamers preferring first person shooters, 52,000,000 preferring sports games, and 85,000,000 preferring adventure games. You don't know by how much the 9- to 13-year old group will increase in sport game preference, but presumably the increase will be made to match the currently largest group, first person shooters. Therefore, in order to raise adventure games to the level of first person shooters, you need to add 110,000,000 - 85,000,000 = 25,000,000 gamers to the adventure games group. If you are going to do so by doubling one of the age groups, then 25,000,000 is equal to the size of the current group. 9- to 13-year olds currently have 25,000,000 preferring adventure games, so (D) is your answer.

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