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Question: 224

14. Allie is a caterer who is building 4 sandwich platters. Each sandwich platter contains turkey slices that weigh 2 ounces each and bread slices that weigh 1 ounce each. In each platter, she has a total of 100 slices of turkey and bread that weigh a total of 160 ounces. Solving which of the following system of equations yields the number of turkey slices, t, and the number of bread slices, b, that are in the 4 sandwich platters?

  • A. t + b = 100
    2t + b = 160
  • B. t + b = 160
    2t + b = 100
  • C. t + b = 400
    2t + b = 160
  • D. t + b = 400
    2t + b = 640

Correct Answer: D


D Start with the easier equation and use Process of Elimination. The easier equation is related to the total number of turkey and bread slides, t + b, on the 4 platters. According to the question, each platter contains 100 slices, so the 4 platters contain 100 × 4 = 400 slices. Therefore, one of the equations in the correct answer must be t + b = 400. Eliminate (A) and (B) since neither of these answers contains that equation. The second equation deals with the weight of the slices. According to the problem, the slices on each platter weigh 160 ounces. Therefore, the total weight of the slices on all 4 platters is 160 × 4 = 640. Eliminate (C) because the total is wrong in the weight equation. The correct answer is (D).

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