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Question: 231


To better measure the effects of increases in poaching, the nation of Wakanda began a study in 2000 to track the number of elephants in each of the country's three administrative districts. Every two years, researchers performed a count of the number of elephants in each region; these counts were performed in January. The table above shows the results of the study.

Researchers determine that at a 95% confidence level, their margin of error for the population of elephants in 2010 was 17.4. If the actual population in 2010 is within the confidence interval, what is the lowest possible population of elephants in Wakanda in 2010 ?

  • A. 1317
  • B. 1318
  • C. 1319
  • D. 1320

Correct Answer: C


C In 2010, as counted, there were 354 + 225 + 757 = 1,336 elephants in Wakanda. If the margin of error was 17.4, the lowest population of elephants that could fit within the margin of error would be 1,336 - 17.4 = 1,318.6 elephants. Because there cannot be fractional elephants, 1,319 is the smallest value that would be within the margin of error.

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