SAT Math Multiple Choice Question 256: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 256

Number of Runs Total Number of People Who Have Ridden the Swings
2 28
3 42
5 70

1. The giant swings in an amusement park are run only when completely full to maintain a fairly even distribution of weight. The number of times the swings have been run, along with a cumulative rider count, is recorded in the table above. Based on the information, how many people will have ridden the giant swings when they have been run eight times?

  • A. 98
  • B. 112
  • C. 140
  • D. 224

Correct Answer: B



Difficulty: Easy

Category: Heart of Algebra / Linear Equations

Strategic Advice: Determine from the table the number of people who ride the swings on a single run (the unit rate, or slope). Then, multiply this number by 8.

Getting to the Answer: If 28 people have ridden the swings after it has been run 2 times, this means 28 ÷ 2 = 14 people ride the swings each time. Therefore, when the swings have been run 8 times, 14 × 8 = 112 people will have ridden them.

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