SAT Math Multiple Choice Question 36: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 36

6. A total of 140,000 votes were cast for two candidates, Skinner and Whitehouse. If Skinner won by a ratio of 4 to 3, how many votes were cast for Whitehouse?

  • A. 30,000
  • B. 40,000
  • C. 60,000
  • D. 80,000

Correct Answer: C


C Since this is a ratio question, let's draw a Ratio Box. We know the ratio for the votes for Skinner and Whitehouse, and the total number of votes cast. Fill in the total by adding the ratio (4 + 3 = 7), and then find the multiplier by seeing how many times 7 goes into 140,000 (140,000 รท 7 = 20,000).

The question wants to know how many votes Whitehouse received, which is 60,000, (C).

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