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Question: 554

14. A student is drawing the human skeleton to scale for a school assignment. The assignment permits the student to omit all bones under a certain size because they would be too small to draw. The longest bone in the human body is the femur, or thighbone, with an average length of 19.9 inches. The tenth longest bone is the sternum, or breastbone, with an average length of 6.7 inches.

If the scale factor of the drawing is one-eighth, about how long in inches should the student draw the femur?

  • A. 2
  • B. 2.5
  • C. 2.8
  • D. 3

Correct Answer: B



Difficulty: Easy

Category: Problem Solving and Data Analysis / Rates, Ratios, Proportions, and Percents

Strategic Advice: Whenever a question involves scale factors, you can set up a proportion and solve for the missing value.

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