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Question: 575

5. The Farmers' Market sells apples by the basket. The market charges $3.00 for the basket itself, plus $1.97 per pound of apples. A 6% sales tax is also applied to the entire purchase. Which equation represents the total cost of p pounds of apples at the Farmers' Market?

  • A. c = (1.97 + 0.06p) + 3
  • B. c = 1.06(1.97p) + 3
  • C. c = 1.06(1.97 + 3)p
  • D. c = 1.06(1.97p + 3)

Correct Answer: D



Difficulty: Easy

Category: Heart of Algebra / Linear Equations

Strategic Advice: Organize information as you read the question; the total cost includes the per-pound rate, the cost of the basket, and the 6% tax on the entire purchase.

Getting to the Answer: If a customer buys p pounds of apples, the total cost is the per-pound rate, $1.97, multiplied by the number of pounds, p, plus the $3.00 fee for the basket, or 1.97p + 3. This expression represents the untaxed amount of the purchase. To calculate the amount that includes the 6% tax, multiply the untaxed amount by 1.06. So the equation is c = 1.06(1.97p + 3).

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