SAT Math Multiple Choice Question 651: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 651

6. In triangle ABC, angle C has a measure of 90°. If sin A 5 0.6, what is the value of cos B?

  • A. 0.3
  • B. 0.4
  • C. 0.6
  • D. 0.8

Correct Answer: C



Advanced Mathematics (rational equations)

It always helps to draw a diagram for geometry and trigonometry problems. For this problem, we also have to remember the basic definitions of the trigonometric functions discussed in Chapter 10, Lesson 9: SOH CAH TOA.


Since sin A = 0.6, this means a/c = 0.6. Notice that cos B is also a/c, so it must also equal 0.6. This is an example of the cofunction identity we discussed in Chapter 10, Lesson 10.

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