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Question: 719

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Four different classes at Corbett Elementary School participated in two fund-raisers last year, one in February and another in May. The rates of participation for each class are recorded in the graph above. Which class had the greatest change in percent participation from the February fund-raiser to the May fund-raiser?

  • A. Class A
  • B. Class B
  • C. Class C
  • D. Class D

Correct Answer: C



Data Analysis (graphs) MEDIUM

Since there are only four data points, it's not hard to list the February-May ordered pairs. Notice that the February axis is vertical, and the May axis is horizontal, so the typical x-y relationship is reversed:

Class A: February: 60, May: 60

Class B: February: 80, May: 70

Class C: February: 50, May: 70

Class D: February: 90, May: 90

Notice that the only class that saw an increase in percent participation is Class C.

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