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Question: 729

9. Images

The pie graph above represents the monthly ad sales for four salespeople-Maria, Eli, Georgia, and Zoe-at a social media website. For the month, Maria's sales accounted for 25% of the total, Eli had $3,000 in sales, Georgia had $5,000 in sales, and Zoe had $10,000 in sales.

Which sector represents Georgia's sales for the month?

  • A. Sector A
  • B. Sector B
  • C. Sector C
  • D. Sector D

Correct Answer: A



Data Analysis (pie graph) MEDIUM

Since Maria's sales accounted for 25% of the total, her sector must be 0.25(360°) = 90°, which is sector D. This means that Eli ($3,000), Georgia ($5,000), and Zoe ($10,000) account for sectors A, B, and C. Since Georgia's total is between Eli's and Zoe's, her sector is the neither the largest nor the smallest of the remaining sectors. Therefore, it must be sector A, which is in the middle.

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