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Question: 731

11. Images

The pie graph above represents the monthly ad sales for four salespeople-Maria, Eli, Georgia, and Zoe-at a social media website. For the month, Maria's sales accounted for 25% of the total, Eli had $3,000 in sales, Georgia had $5,000 in sales, and Zoe had $10,000 in sales.

If Eli and Georgia both earn 10% commission on their sales, and Maria and Zoe both earn 15% commission on their sales, how much more did Maria earn in monthly commissions than Georgia?

  • A. $300
  • B. $360
  • C. $375
  • D. $400

Correct Answer: D



Data Analysis (pie graph) MEDIUM

Since Maria accounted for 25% of the total sales, she accounted for (0.25)($24,000) = $6,000 in sales. If she earned 15% commission for all sales, she earned (0.15)($6,000) = $900 in commissions. If Georgia earns 10% in commissions, she earned (0.10)($5,000) = $500. Therefore, Maria earned $900 - $500 = $400 more in commissions that Georgia did.

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