SAT Math Multiple Choice Question 740: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 740

5. A website received 2,100 visitors in July from both subscribers and nonsubscribers. If the ratio of subscribers to nonsubscribers among this group was 2:5, how many more nonsubscribers visited the site in July than subscribers?

  • A. 126
  • B. 630
  • C. 900
  • D. 1,260

Correct Answer: C



Problem Solving and Data Analysis (ratios) MEDIUM

If the ratio of subscribers to nonsubscribers is 2:5, then we can say there are 2n subscribers and 5n non-subscribers, where n is some integer. This means there were a total of 2n + 5n = 7n July visitors to the website. Since we know that there were 2,100 visitors in July, we can solve for n:

2,100 = 7n

Divide by 7:

300 = n

Therefore, there were 2(300) = 600 subscriber visits and 5(300) = 1,500 nonsubscriber visits, and so there were 1,500 - 600 = 900 more nonsubscribing visitors than subscribing visitors.

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