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Question: 743

8. Images

The scatterplot above shows the length and weight of a group of 20 salmon and the line of best fit for the data. According to this line of best fit, which of the following best approximates the weight, in kilograms, of a salmon that is 95 centimeters long?

  • A. 7.6
  • B. 7.8
  • C. 8.3
  • D. 8.8

Correct Answer: C



Data Analysis (scatterplots) EASY


This question simply asks us to find the point on the line of best fit that corresponds to a length of 95 centimeters. As the dotted lines show below, this corresponds to a weight less than halfway between 8 and 9 kilograms, so (C) 8.3 is the best approximation among the choices.

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