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Question: 762

12. Images

The scatterplot above charts the temperature (in degrees Kelvin) and luminosity (in Suns) for 50 stars, including our own sun, that fall under the category of "Main Sequence" stars.

What percent of the stars represented in the scatter-plot have a luminosity less than 0.0001 Sun?

  • A. 0.2%
  • B. 0.4%
  • C. 2%
  • D. 4%


Correct Answer: D



Problem Solving and Data Analysis (scatterplots) MEDIUM-HARD

First, we need to recognize that 0.0001 = 10-4. The scat-terplot shows precisely two points below the 10-4 line. Since there are 50 stars represented in the scatterplot (no need to count them-the description of the graph tells us!), these two stars represent 2/50 = 4/100 = 4% of the total.

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