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Question: 774

9. Mrs. Black has a bag of candy bars to hand out to the students in her class before they take their AP calculus BC exam. If she gives each student 3 candy bars, she will have 6 left over. In order to give each student 5 candy bars, she will need 50 more candy bars. How many students are in Mrs. Black's class?

  • A. 18
  • B. 27
  • C. 28
  • D. 44

Correct Answer: C



Algebra (word problems) MEDIUM-HARD

Begin by assuming that there are n students in Mrs. Black's class. If she gives out 3 candy bars to each student and has 6 left over, she must have 3n + 6 candy bars. If she needs 50 more candy bars in order to give each student 5 candy bars, she must have 5n - 50 candy bars. Since these two expressions both express the total number of candy bars,

3n + 6 = 5n - 50

Add 50 and subtract 3n:

56 = 2n

Divide by 2:

28 = n

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