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Question: 780

15. Images

The table above shows the results of a survey of 520 adults who were asked whether they approved of a recent state budget proposal.

If this survey is representative of the entire voting population of a state in which 32,760 people are expected to vote on this budget referendum, how many males are expected to vote yes?

  • A. 9,450
  • B. 15,120
  • C. 19,270
  • D. 20,475

Correct Answer: A



Problem Solving/Data Analysis (tables/proportions) HARD

The table shows that 150 males voted yes out of a sample population of 520. If this is a representative ratio, and if x represents the total number of males who vote yes out of the entire population, then



(32,760)(15) = 52x

Divide by 52:


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