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Question: 846

RoundTotal Number of Participants

6. The table above shows the cumulative number of participants eliminated in a nationalminiature golf tournament by the end of each round. Which of the following best describesthe relationship between the round and the number of participants remaining in thetournament?

  • A. Exponential growth
  • B. Exponential decay
  • C. Linear growth
  • D. Linear decay

Correct Answer: B



Difficulty: Easy

Category: Problem Solving and Data Analysis / Scatterplots

Strategic Advice: Skim the answer choices-they involve the shape of the data (linear or exponential) and the direction of the data (growth/increasing or decay/decreasing). Read the question carefully and then examine the data to determine which is a match.

Getting to the Answer: Read the data carefully-as the number of participants eliminated increases, the number of participants remaining decreases, which means as the rounds go up, the number of participants goes down. Eliminate A and C. According to the table, the total number of participants eliminated increases at varying rates (very fast at first, and then more slowly), which means the number of participants remaining decreases at varying rates. This indicates an exponential relationship. Choice (B) is the only answer that contains both traits.

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