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Question: 86

11. Priya is planning to send her favorite dry rub recipe to a friend who lives in France. Before sending the recipe, Priya wants to convert the American customary units in the instructions into metric units so that her friend will easily be able to understand the measurements. If the recipe calls for a ratio of four ounces of paprika to every seven ounces of chili powder, and if Priya's friend is planning to make a large batch of dry rub with 91 total ounces of chili powder, approximately how many total grams of paprika and chili powder will the recipe require? (1 ounce = 28.3 grams)

  • A. 4,047 grams
  • B. 4,521 grams
  • C. 4,925 grams
  • D. 5,149 grams

Correct Answer: A


A In order to answer this question, you need to deal with the ratio as well as the unit conversion. For the large batch of dry rub, Priya's friend is planning to use 91 ounces of chili powder. Since the paprika and the chili powder must be used in a ratio of 4 to 7, you can set up a proportion to determine how much paprika is needed: = . Cross-multiply and solve for x to determine that x (i.e., paprika) = 52 ounces. So you have 52 ounces of paprika and 91 ouncesof chili powder for a total of 143 ounces. Multiply that by your conversion number, 28.3, to determine that this is equivalent to 4,046.9 grams, which is closest to (A).

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