SAT Math Multiple Choice Question 872: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 872

1+ stops$332.20$376.70n/a$363.19$395.59$386.20$392.45$493.99

2. Airlines C and E offer six nonstop flights each to San Francisco throughout the dayat the prices shown in the table. Each flight on each airline can hold 170 passengers.If all six of Airline C's flights are filled to capacity and all six of Airline E'sflights are filled to 90% capacity on a particular day, how much more revenue doesAirline E generate than Airline C on that day?

  • A. $1,005.21
  • B. $2,010.42
  • C. $20,394.90
  • D. $40,789.80

Correct Answer: B



Difficulty: Medium

Category: Problem Solving and Data Analysis / Statistics and Probability

Strategic Advice: Always read carefully to ensure that you know all the facts, and verify that you are using the correct data from a table.

Getting to the Answer: Six flights of 170 passengers each is 1,020 passengers per day. Airline C collects $340.20 from each passenger for this flight, which equals $347,004 in revenue. Airline E's flights are only 90% full, which means they have 0.9 × 1,020 = 918 passengers. Each one pays $380.19, so Airline E generates $349,014.42 in revenue. The difference between these two amounts is $2,010.42, which makes (B) the correct answer.

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