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Question: 914

14. A college campus has vending machines, which must be periodically restocked. The restockingfrequency depends primarily on how many students have classes near the machine eachsemester. The vending machine company uses the function shown above, where s is the number of students estimated to have classes within the immediate vicinityon a daily basis, to determine how many times per semester the machine must be restocked.How many more times must a vending machine that has 400 students in the immediatevicinity be restocked compared to one that has 300 students in the immediate vicinity?

  • A. 2
  • B. 4
  • C. 7
  • D. 13

Correct Answer: B



Difficulty: Medium

Category: Passport to Advanced Math / Functions

Strategic Advice: Some word problems can be fairly straightforward, but you must be careful to check that you answered the right question (here, how many more times a vending machine with 400 nearby students must be restocked than a vending machine with 300 nearby students).

Getting to the Answer: Start by evaluating the function at s = 400 and at s = 300. Make sure you follow the correct order of operations as you simplify:

The question asks how many more times the vending machine must be restocked, so find the difference in the amounts to get 17 - 13 = 4 more times, which is (B).

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