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1. To receive a B in his chemistry class, Mateo needs to earn an average score from 80 to 89, inclusive. His grade is based only on 3 tests. The highest possible score on each of these tests is 100 points. He scored 79 on his first test and 95 on his second test. If y represents his score on the third test, which of the inequalities below shows all values of y that would earn Mateo a B in his chemistry class?

  • A. 66 ≤ y ≤ 93
  • B. 66 ≤ y ≤ 100
  • C. 80 ≤ y ≤ 89
  • D. 80 ≤ y ≤ 93

2. Y =

A gardener prepares a mixture of fertilizer with concentration, by volume, equal to Y. It is prepared by mixing a volume of fertilizer given by A with a volume of water given by W. The expression above represents the mixture described. What physical quantity does the term A + W represent in the equation above?

  • A. The volume of the mixture
  • B. The mass of fertilizer added
  • C. The volume of the fertilizer in the mixture
  • D. The concentration of the fertilizer

3. Two groups of subjects are combined in a psychological research experiment. The mode score for group A is 7 and the mode score for group B is 6. Which of the following conclusions can be made?

  • A. The mode for the whole group is 6.
  • B. The mode for the whole group is between 6 and 7.
  • C. The mode for the whole group is 7.
  • D. The mode cannot be determined from the given information.

4. The map below shows the layout of streets in a city and the location of several places. Each horizontal or vertical line between two adjacent streets represents a city block, and each city block represents 0.6 miles.

Josh needs to drive from Kelly's Kitchen to Gary's Grocery. If Josh drives the shortest distance possible on the roads shown above at a constant speed of 30 miles per hour, how long does it take him to make the trip from Kelly's Kitchen to Gary's Grocery?

  • A. 6 minutes
  • B. 10 minutes
  • C. 12 minutes
  • D. 20 minutes

5. 2s - t = 10
5s = t + 12 - s

Which of the following is a true statement about the system of equations above?

  • A. There are infinitely many solutions to the system of equations.
  • B. When the system is solved for s, the result is 5.
  • C. When the system is solved for t, the result is 6.
  • D. There are no solutions to the system of equations.

6. The student council at Shermer High School wants to use student opinion to decide on one of three possible homecoming themes for the year. President Peterson thinks that the best way to determine popular opinion is for each of the 10 members of the student council to poll 10 of their friends and select the theme that receives the most votes. Vice President Vaidya wants to go to the cafeteria during lunch and poll 100 students to determine the winner. Treasurer Thompson says the best method would be to assign numbers to each of the 1,000 students in the school, randomly select 100 of them to poll, and select the winner based on the results. Secretary Stephens argues that they must poll each of the 250 members of the senior class to find the most popular theme. Whose method is most likely to accurately determine overall student opinion regarding the most popular homecoming theme?

  • A. President Peterson
  • B. Secretary Stephens
  • C. Treasurer Thompson
  • D. Vice-President Vaidya

7. Is the point (-2, -2) located inside, on, or outside the circle with equation (x + 3)2 + (y - 1)2 = 9 ?

  • A. Inside the circle
  • B. On the circle
  • C. Outside the circle
  • D. It cannot be determined from the given information.

8. If the expression is most nearly equal to - C, then what is the value of C ?

  • A. -3
  • B. -
  • C. 2
  • D. 3

9. A survey was conducted among a randomly chosen sample of full-time salaried workers about satisfaction in their current jobs. The table below shows a summary of the survey results.

Reported Job Satisfaction by Education Level (in thousands)

Of the people whose highest level of education was a bachelor's degree who reported job satisfaction, 1,000 people were randomly selected to complete a follow-up survey in which they were asked about their salary satisfaction. There were 658 people in this follow-up sample who said that they were satisfied with their salaries, and the other 342 people were not satisfied. Using the data from both the initial survey and the follow-up survey, which of the following statements is most likely true?

  • A. Approximately 16 million people with bachelor's degrees would report salary satisfaction.
  • B. Approximately 24 million people with bachelor's degrees would report salary satisfaction.
  • C. Approximately 47 million people with bachelor's degrees would report salary satisfaction.
  • D. Approximately 72 million people with bachelor's degrees would report salary satisfaction.

10. Line d has a slope of and passes through the point (1, 1). Line e is parallel to line d and has a y-intercept 3 times that of line d. Which of the following is the equation of line e ?

  • A. 5y - 4x = 3
  • B. 5y - x = 4
  • C. 10y - 8x = 30
  • D. 20y + 25x = 12

11. =

The equation above can be solved for two solutions, one of which is extraneous. What is the value of the extraneous solution?

  • A. 5
  • B. 6
  • C. 8
  • D. 9

12. A gaming company conducted a study to find out what age groups preferred which types of games. The table below outlines the survey results.

According to the information provided in the table, the gaming company concludes that if they can double the number of 19- to 22-year olds playing sports games, and increase the number of sports gamers in the 9- to 13-year old age group, they will have equal total numbers of players for each game type if they double the number of players of adventure games in which age group?

  • A. 23- to 60-year olds
  • B. 19- to 22-year olds
  • C. 14- to 18-year olds
  • D. 9- to 13-year olds

13. V(t) = at + k

At a certain manufacturing plant, the total number of vacation days, V(t), an employee has accrued is given by the function above, where t is the number of years the employee has worked at the plant, and a and k are constants. If Martin has accrued 9 more vacation days than Emilio has, how many more years has Martin worked than Emilio?

  • A.
  • B. 9 - a
  • C. 9 + a
  • D. 9a


In the figure above, sin x° = . What is the perimeter of the figure?

  • A. 10 +
  • B. 7 +
  • C. 14 + 2
  • D. 39 + 2

15. At Santa Monica High School, the ratio of juniors to seniors is 4 to 3, the ratio of seniors to sophomores is 5 to 4, and the ratio of freshmen to sophomores is 7 to 6. What is the ratio of freshmen to seniors?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.