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1. Isabella has $1,000 to invest and explores a number of options at her local bank. After learning about her options, she decides to deposit her $1,000 into a high-yield savings account that compounds at an annual rate of 4%, compounded quarterly. The banker tells Isabella that her projected earnings in dollars, P, as a function of time in years, t, can best be represented by the equation P(t) = 1000(1.01)4t. Which of the following graphs best illustrates Isabella's projected earnings over time?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.


Which of the following quadratic equations is represented in the graph above?

  • A. y = x2 - x - 6
  • B. y = x2 + x - 12
  • C. y = x2 + 6x + 9
  • D. y = x2 + 5x + 6

3. Dahlia is competing in a group stair-climbing relay challenge with two of her friends. They will take turns climbing the stairs of two of Metropolis's tallest buildings. The three of them each plan to climb an equal number of stairs, and Dahlia will go first. The first building has s stairs, and the second building has 3,639 stairs. During the race, Dahlia runs out of energy and is only able to complete 75% of her goal. What is the total number of stairs that Dahlia climbs?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

4. Thirty-six percent of the 315 million people residing in the United States currently hold a passport. Of these passport-holding individuals, 8% travel internationally every year. Of those who travel internationally every year, approximately 10% visit European countries. How many U.S. residents visit European countries every year?

  • A. 9072
  • B. 90720
  • C. 907200
  • D. 9072000

5. If the third degree polynomial x3 - 10x2 + 12x + 72 can be factored to (x + 2) · y2, what is y in terms of x ?

  • A. x - 6
  • B. x - 3
  • C. x - 1
  • D. x + 1


To better measure the effects of increases in poaching, the nation of Wakanda began a study in 2000 to track the number of elephants in each of the country's three administrative districts. Every two years, researchers performed a count of the number of elephants in each region; these counts were performed in January. The table above shows the results of the study.

Researchers determine that at a 95% confidence level, their margin of error for the population of elephants in 2010 was 17.4. If the actual population in 2010 is within the confidence interval, what is the lowest possible population of elephants in Wakanda in 2010 ?

  • A. 1317
  • B. 1318
  • C. 1319
  • D. 1320


In figures I and II above, two stacks of identical carpenter's sawhorses are shown, with heights of 92 and 60 inches, respectively. The height, in inches, of a stack of k sawhorses is given by the function h(k) = 16k + 12, where k is a positive integer and k ≥ 1. The number 12 in the function represents which of the dimensions shown in Figure III ?

  • A. a, the height of one sawhorse
  • B. b, the distance from the bottom of one sawhorse to the bottom of the next highest sawhorse
  • C. c, the distance from the top of one sawhorse to the bottom of the next highest sawhorse
  • D. d, the width of a sawhorse at the top


In the figure above, if sin a = cos b, which of the following is closest to the length of DF ?

  • A. 5.6
  • B. 8.7
  • C. 11.2
  • D. 12


Rick, Shane, and Darryl work at a widget factory. The table above shows the number of hours they each spent at the factory on a given day, the number of widgets they produced, and the number of 15-minute breaks they took while they were at the factory. Each man works at a constant rate.

Rick and Shane are each assigned an equal number of widgets. Neither will take breaks in order to complete this assignment as quickly as possible. Rick offers to do a certain percentage of Shane's assignment so that they both finish at the same time. What percentage of Shane's original assignment does Rick do?

  • A. 12.50%
  • B. 14.30%
  • C. 16.70%
  • D. 25%


The graph above represents the effect of efforts to reintroduce Chrysocyon brachyurus, a wolf-like predator, to Uruguay. It tracks the population of both Chrysocyon brachyurus and Sylvilagus brasiliensis, the rabbit species that is a primary food-source.

For which of the following periods did the Sylvilagus brasiliensis population undergo the greatest percent decrease?

  • A. '91-'92
  • B. '93-'95
  • C. '99-'00
  • D. '00-'01

11. y = x2 - 2x
y = 2x - 1

This system has two solutions for (x, y). What is the larger value of x ?

  • A. 2-
  • B.
  • C. 2 +
  • D. 5

12. If csc θ = 1.66, then tan θ =

  • A. 0.6
  • B. 0.76
  • C. 1.32
  • D. 1.76


A group of patients is recruited for a clinical trial. Their heights, recorded in centimeters, are listed in the table above. Two more patients are recruited to the study. After these patients join, the mean height is 169 cm. Which of the following could be the heights of the two new patients?

  • A. 146 cm and 177 cm
  • B. 150 cm and 188 cm
  • C. 165 cm and 177 cm
  • D. 157 cm and 186 cm

14. What is the equation of the line that passes through the point (2.75, 0.975) and has an x-intercept of 2 ?

  • A. y + 5.9 = 2.5x
  • B. 4y + 12x = 29.1
  • C. 6y + 27.15 = 12x
  • D. 10y - 13x = -26

15. A bacteria population, P, can be modeled by the equation P = P010kt, where P0 is the bacteria population at the beginning of the experiment, t is the time in hours since the beginning of the experiment, and k is a positive constant. Which of the following gives the time, t, in terms of k, P, and P0 ?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.