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1. If for all real values of t, which of the following is not in the range of h(t)?

  • A. 1
  • B. 3
  • C. 9
  • D. 10


If (a, b) represents the solution to the system of equations shown in the graph and a = -3b, then which of the following could be the value of a + b?

  • A. -9
  • B. 0
  • C. 3
  • D. 6


Which of the following best states which thermostat the car manufacturer is likely to choose and why?

  • A. Thermostat A because the median of the data is 0, and the range is greater than that of Thermostat B
  • B. Thermostat B because the median of the data is 0, and the range is less than that of Thermostat A
  • C. Thermostat A because the mode of the data is 0, which indicates a more consistent thermostat
  • D. Thermostat B because the data is bimodal (has two modes), which indicates a more consistent thermostat

4. If p and q represent the zeros of a quadratic function and p + q = -3, which of the following could be the factored form of f(x)?

  • A. f(x) = (x - 3)(x + 3)
  • B. f(x) = (x - 4)(x + 1)
  • C. f(x) = (x - 1)(x + 4)
  • D. f(x) = (x - 6)(x + 3)


The figure above shows the graph of p(x) - 4. What is the value of p(0)?

  • A. 3
  • B. 4
  • C. 7
  • D. 11


Geraldine is making a simple AC electric generator for a science project using copper wire, cardboard, a nail, and magnets. The first step in building the generator is wrapping the wire around and around a rectangular prism made from the cardboard and connecting it to a small lightbulb, as shown in the figure. If Geraldine has 18 feet of wire and needs to leave 3 inches on each end to connect to the lightbulb, how many times can she wrap the wire around the cardboard prism?

  • A. 21
  • B. 28
  • C. 35
  • D. 42


Which of the following best describes the data represented by the figure shown?

  • A. Skewed to the left with two outliers
  • B. Skewed to the left with an outlier of 2
  • C. Skewed to the right with two outliers
  • D. Skewed to the right with an outlier of 2


Arianna and her brother Liam both walk home from school each day, but they go to different schools. The figure shows their trip home on Monday. Based on the graph, which of the following statements is true?

  • A. It took Liam longer to walk home because his school is farther away.
  • B. It took Arianna longer to walk home because her school is farther away.
  • C. Arianna and Liam walked home at the same rate.
  • D. Arianna walked home at a faster rate than Liam.

9. If line L passes through the points (-4, -8) and (8, 1), which of the following points does line L not pass through?

  • A. (0, -5)
  • B. (4, -1)
  • C. (12, 4)
  • D. (16, 7)
Unemployed Employed Totals
12 188 200
No Degree
44 156 200
23 177 200
No Degree
41 159 200
Totals 120 680 800

10. The table above shows the results of a sociological study identifying the number of males and females with and without college degrees who were unemployed or employed at the time of the study. If one person from the study is chosen at random, what is the probability that that person is an employed person with a college degree?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.


Typically, when people contract an infectious disease, their immune system immediately begins to produce extra white blood cells to fight the disease. The scatterplot shows the white blood cells reproducing in an infected patient, along with several values found when modeling the data using a graphing calculator. According to this model, how many white blood cells per microliter of blood did the patient have before he contracted the disease?

  • A. 3,400
  • B. 8,500
  • C. 10,000
  • D. 13,600

12. A rodeo is building a circular arena. The arena will have a total area of 64π square yards and can either be left open for rodeo competitions or divided into 12 equal sections through the center for auctions. When holding auctions, the rodeo has an average of 4 bulls and 8 horses for sale. A bull cannot be placed in a section directly beside another section containing a bull, and all edges of these sections must be reinforced with strong steel to keep the bulls from getting out. Which of the following represents how much steel in yards the rodeo will need to reinforce the four bull sections?

  • A. 32π
  • B. 64π
  • C.
  • D.

13. Lena bought a saltwater fish tank that holds 400 gallons of water. She started filling the tank on Friday, but then stopped after putting only 70 gallons of water in the tank. On Saturday, she bought a bigger hose and began filling the tank again. It took her 1 hour and 50 minutes on Saturday to completely fill the tank. Which equation represents the number of gallons of water in the fish tank on Saturday, given the amount of time in minutes that Lena spent filling the tank?

  • A. y = 3x + 70
  • B. y = 3x + 330
  • C. y = 70x + 330
  • D. y = 110x + 70

14. A self-storage company has three sizes of storage units. The ratio of small to medium units is 3:5. The ratio of medium to large units is 3:2. The company analyzes its business model and current consumer demand and determines that it can benefit from utilizing larger economies of scale. In other words, it decides to grow its business based on current economic conditions and plans to build a second, larger self-storage building. The company's research indicates that the new market would benefit from having only two sizes of storage units, small and large, in the same ratio as its current facility. What ratio of small to large units should it use?

  • A. 1:1
  • B. 3:2
  • C. 5:3
  • D. 9:10


The equation shown above represents the following scenario: A chemical laboratory uses two air purifiers to clean the air of contaminants emitted while working with hazardous materials. One is an older model, and the other is a new model that is considerably more energy efficient. The new model can clean the air of contaminants three times as quickly as the older model. Working together, the two air purifiers can clean the air in the lab in 7 hours. Which of the following describes what the term in the equation represents?

  • A. The portion of the air the new model can clean in 1 hour
  • B. The portion of the air the older model can clean in 1 hour
  • C. The time it takes the older model to clean the air by itself
  • D. The time it takes the older model to clean of the air by itself