A few words about SAT Grid-In questions

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A FEW WORDS ABOUT SAT Grid-In questions

As we've mentioned before, the SAT isn't your normal school test. The same is true of the Math sections of the SAT. There are two types of questions that you'll run into: multiple-choice and student-produced response questions. We've talked before about multiple-choice, so let's talk about these strange questions known as student-produced response questions. These questions are the only non-multiple-choice questions on the SAT, other than the essay; instead of selecting CB's answer from among several choices, you will have to find the answer on your own and mark it in a grid, which is why we call them Grid-Ins. The Grid-In questions on your test will be drawn from arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, just like the multiple-choice SAT Math questions. However, the format has special characteristics, so we will treat them a bit differently.

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