What's on the new SAT math test?

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The SAT includes two scored Math sections: Section 3 and Section 4. Section 3, which does not allow the use of a calculator, is 25 minutes long and includes 20 questions. Section 4, which allows the use of a calculator, is 55 minutes long and includes 38 questions.

According to College Board, the Math questions on the SAT fall into the following cleverly-named categories:

1. Heart of Algebra

2. Passport to Advanced Math

3. Problem Solving and Data Analysis

4. Additional Topics

The first three will give you some of your test subscores, but the names of all four categories don't really mean anything. This is what will really be tested:

1. Algebra I and II

2. Arithmetic/Probability/Data Analysis

3. Plane Geometry/Coordinate Geometry/Trigonometry

That's it! Of these categories, Algebra makes up the largest part of the test, accounting for more than half of the questions. Plane Geometry and Trigonometry make up the smallest part—there will only be a maximum of 6 questions from that category on the SAT.

The Math questions on your SAT will appear in two different formats:

1. Regular multiple-choice questions

2. Grid-Ins

The Grid-Ins will appear at the end of each Math section: 5 questions in Section 3, and 8 questions in Section 4.

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