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Likelihood a Job Will Be Done by a Machine


1. Which job is most likely to be done by a machine according to the graph?

  • A. Umpire
  • B. Bookkeeper
  • C. Microbiologist
  • D. Bus Driver

2. Using the information in the graph, which statement is true?

  • A. GPS and automation will lead to bus drivers being obsolete.
  • B. Careers with a high likelihood of a machine performing the job have poor employment outlooks.
  • C. A historian is less likely to have their job performed by a machine than a janitor is.
  • D. More people are employed as umpires than any other profession.

3. Fill in the blank: The job of a/an _________ is three times as likely to be performed by a machine as that of a/an _________.

  • A. umpire, athlete
  • B. microbiologist, physician/surgeon
  • C. historian, bookkeeper
  • D. microbiologist, lawyer