New SAT Reading Practice Test 9: Jane Eyre

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This passage is adapted from Jane Eyre, a nineteenth-century English novel by Charlotte Bronte.

1. Jane's attitude toward Mr. Rochester is best characterized as

  • A. sympathetic.
  • B. uncaring.
  • C. despising.
  • D. reckless.

2. Based on the information in the passage, it can be inferred that Jane refuses Rochester's advances because

  • A. she does not love him as much as he loves her.
  • B. it would violate her personal ideals.
  • C. he thinks that she is weak and frail.
  • D. she wishes to cause him injury.

3. Which choice provides the best evidence for the answer to the previous question?

  • A. Lines 1-3 ("While…him")
  • B. Lines 13-16 ("I will…now")
  • C. Lines 36-38 ("The soul…eye")
  • D. Lines 50-51 ("Whatever…creature")

4. In context, the phrase "I am insane—quite insane" in line 23 refers chiefly to

  • A. a severe mental illness that Jane suffers from.
  • B. a mental state brought on by God's law.
  • C. a feeling that currently urges Jane to reject Rochester.
  • D. a reduction of judgment due to emotion.

5. As used in line 29, "wrought" most nearly means

  • A. hammered.
  • B. made.
  • C. excited.
  • D. wrung.

6. The fourth paragraph (lines 42-61) provides a contrast between

  • A. Jane's body and her will.
  • B. Rochester's love and anger toward Jane.
  • C. a bird and its cage.
  • D. Jane's purity and impurity.

7. The inmate Rochester mentions in line 53 refers to

  • A. a criminal locked away in jail.
  • B. Rochester trapped in his emotions.
  • C. Jane stuck in the traditions of her time.
  • D. the possible behavior of Jane's spirit.

8. Which choice provides the best evidence for the answer to the previous question?

  • A. Lines 38-41 ("My eye…exhausted")
  • B. Lines 45-47 ("I could…her")
  • C. Lines 55-57 ("And it…frame")
  • D. Lines 63-65 ("The look…now")

9. As used in line 63, "worse" most nearly means

  • A. less desirable.
  • B. more difficult.
  • C. of lower quality.
  • D. unskillful.

10. Based on the information in the final paragraph, it can be reasonably inferred that Jane values

  • A. her emotions over her reason.
  • B. freedom over social convention.
  • C. her principles over her feelings.
  • D. true love above all else.