SAT sentence completion practice test 4

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Time 12 minutes

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1. The view that human behavior is ------- by events in infancy or by impersonal social forces has been used to ------- individuals from moral responsibility for their acts.

A. adorned . . distract
B. manifested . . guard
C. influenced . . elevate
D. determined . . exempt
E. retained . . relieve

2. Ed's ------- was apparent in the fumbling and agitated way that he approached his supervisor's office.

A. discomposure
B. alacrity
C. impunity
D. equanimity
E. fortitude

3. Mavis described the recently published treatise as inane, insipid, and -------, just another affirmation of the obvious.

A. banal
B. baleful
C. inspired
D. successful
E. profound

4. Preservationists believe that wildlife must have designated places of -------, where animals will not be ------- by human intruders.

A. exhibition . . controlled
B. openness . . nurtured
C. refuge . . disturbed
D. vulnerability . . perceived
E. safety . . abandoned

5. Horror movies have ------- effect, purging our fears of the unknown by giving them artistic expression.

A. an indiscernible
B. an analogous
C. a malleable
D. a transient
E. a cathartic

6. The ------- of Sandra Cisneros' works, which have sold many thousands of copies, is reflected in her ------- readership.

A. variety . . narrow
B. popularity . . wide
C. provincialism . . liberal
D. integrity . . scattered
E. control . . concerned

7. Despite their technical -------, sixteenth-century maps of the Caribbean provide ------- information for geographers and historians.

A. inaccuracies . . imaginative
B. limitations . . abundant
C. interest . . additional
D. precision . . great
E. proficiency . . considerable

8. Much work was needed to determine the distances between the atoms, the angles between the chemical bonds, and other ------- features.

A. structural
B. expressive
C. indefinite
D. rational
E. nonexistant

9. The company rewarded Smith for his ------- ability to think for himself; many of his rivals in the industry, in contrast, merely absorb and ------- the cliches of contemporary business.

A. instinctive . . forget
B. unrecognized . . obey
C. touchy . . ignore
D. mindless . . enjoy
E. uncommon . . repeat

10. The establishment of a women's college by the Cherokee nation during the 1850's is one of many ------- of the considerable status traditionally ------- by Cherokee women.

A. illustrations . . held
B. refutations . . sustained
C. demonstrations . . relinquished
D. explications . . enjoyed
E. manifestations . . studied

11. The collection of animals in the laboratory was a virtual ------- that included sea urchins, mice, dogs, monkeys, and chimpanzees.

A. milieu
B. sanctuary
C. arboretum
D. cavalcade
E. menagerie

12. Although in most of Jorge Edwards' stories the references to politics are subtle, in one of his recent works his criticism of the government is -------.

A. astute
B. discreet
C. scathing
D. impersonal
E. uninspiring

13. Some of the region's ranches belong to ------- landowners; they live elsewhere and visit their ranches only rarely.

A. domestic
B. absentee
C. joint
D. bucolic
E. rural

14. Because Ruth's parents often ------- their plans as soon as they were formed, she assumed all adults were as ------- as her parents.

A. cancelled . . indulgent
B. developed . . vivacious
C. solidified . . capricious
D. changed . . mercurial
E. altered . . obstinate

15. Observing that young children are almost invariably ------- racial prejudice, the sociologist concluded that bigotry manifested by adults is therefore -------.

A. immune to . . typical
B. protected from . . juvenile
C. interested in . . unforeseen
D. cured of . . condoned
E. free of . . learned