SAT sentence completion practice test 7

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1. Carson presents her case so strongly and logically that only the prejudiced or the ------- will attempt to ------- her.

A. impartial . . defy
B. doubtful . . champion
C. gullible . . believe
D. obstinate . . contradict
E. irrational . . follow

2. Over the years the anthropologist's opinions had -------: he refused to tolerate new ideas and nothing could change his mind.

A. digressed
B. proliferated
C. ossified
D. germinated
E. incubated

3. As the first ------- of the political campaign, the senator unleashed a spirited verbal attack on her leading opponent.

A. salvo
B. encore
C. palliative
D. concession
E. demurral

4. Although visitors initially may find touring the city by subway to be -------, they are pleased to discover that subways are an inexpensive and ------- way to get around.

A. wasteful . . generous
B. daunting . . efficient
C. extravagant . . prohibitive
D. convenient . . solitary
E. enjoyable . . easy

5. One critic asserts that modern urban architecture causes sensory deprivation because it fails to provide visual and tactile -------.

A. latency
B. stimulation
C. complacence
D. confusion
E. extension

6. Because little rain falls in the district during summer, municipalities are necessarily ------- to ------- water from winter storms.

A. ready . . squander
B. reluctant . . retain
C. free . . absorb
D. careful . . store
E. unwilling . . conserve

7. Toni Cade Bambara's novels are engrossing because the protagonists, in striving to achieve goals, are not simply ------- characters.

A. passive
B. tangible
C. abandoned
D. autonomous
E. redundant

8. Once his integrity had been -------, the mayoral candidate was quick both to ------- these attacks and to issue counterattacks.

A. debunked . . buttress
B. restored . . recommence
C. revoked . . relinquish
D. impugned . . repudiate
E. vitiated . . avoid

9. New data measuring the ------- of land beneath the oceans permit accurate generalizations about the topography of the seafloor.

A. models
B. contours
C. remnants
D. populations
E. pigments

10. Excessive secrecy tends to ------- excessive curiosity and thus serves to ------- the very impulses against which it guards.

A. inhibit . . protect
B. disguise . . supplant
C. satisfy . . limit
D. compel . . deride
E. invite . . provoke

11. In frigid regions a layer of permafrost under the soil surface prevents water from sinking deep into the soil, and so the water ------- the land, helping to create bog and ------- conditions.

A. freezes . . tropical
B. parches . . marsh
C. inundates . . desert
D. aerates . . jungle
E. floods . . swamp

12. Although the bystander's account of the car accident at first seemed -------, the police officer was surprised, on further investigation, to find that it was -------.

A. dubious . . erroneous
B. incongruous . . inconsistent
C. implausible . . correct
D. logical . . pertinent
E. probable . . coherent

13. The legislation facing Congress was so ------- that it threatened to shatter the governing body's fragile bipartisanship.

A. divisive
B. transparent
C. concordant
D. repetitive
E. rhetorical

14. In All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes, author Maya Angelou uses -------, brief descriptive sketches, to provide ------- view of Ghana that clearly details the land and its people.

A. missives . . an illusory
B. themes . . a thorough
C. vignettes . . a vivid
D. treatises . . an authentic
E. abstracts . . an ambiguous

15. Because an older horse is more ------- than a younger one, it is safer for a novice rider.

A. frolicsome
B. cantankerous
C. gargantuan
D. tractable
E. precipitate

16. The library's collection is a ------- of Asian American historical documents, including rare materials about race relations.

A. summary
B. fabrication
C. consensus
D. trove
E. replication