SAT sentence completion practice test 9

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1. Although usually warm and ------- in greeting friends, Lauren was too reserved ever to be truly -------.

A. joyous . . conventional
B. cordial . . effusive
C. restrained . . gracious
D. dismissive . . ebullient
E. genial . . antisocial

2. Legal scholars argue that when "justice" is interpreted too broadly, the concept becomes -------, easily changed and controlled by outside forces.

A. malleable
B. influential
C. coherent
D. felicitous
E. prosaic

3. The instructor's voice was so ------- that most students preferred taking a test to listening to its grating sound.

A. receptive
B. cajoling
C. melodious
D. muted
E. strident

4. Originally ------- mainly by young, urban audiences, rap music was ultimately ------- by its appreciative listeners of all ages across the country.

A. admired . . embraced
B. performed . . condemned
C. derided . . ignored
D. appropriated . . relinquished
E. applauded . . instigated

5. It was out of ------- that Professor Green, the author of several highly respected books in his field, described himself to his colleagues as -------.

A. embarrassment . . a paragon
B. magnanimity . . an avenger
C. insolence . . a pedant
D. egotism . . an apprentice
E. modesty . . a dilettante

6. Historian Carlo Botta often contradicted himself, as when he first championed and then ------- the ideals of the French Revolution.

A. invoked
B. investigated
C. conceived
D. coveted
E. denounced

7. Luisa worked with extreme precision, ------- that served her well in her law career.

A. a meticulousness
B. an effrontery
C. an inhibition
D. a litigiousness
E. an impetuousness

8. In 1916 Yellowstone National Park had only 25 bison, but the population has since ------- to more than 2,000.

A. dispersed
B. mediated
C. attenuated
D. burgeoned
E. reconciled

9. Though surgeon and researcher Charles Drew never enjoyed celebrity, he truly deserves to be ------- for his life's achievements.

A. mollified
B. lionized
C. accosted
D. galvanized
E. vilified

10. The architect advised tearing down the old structure, since he did not consider it sufficiently ------- to ------ the heavy winds of the tropical storm the peninsula was expecting.

A. flimsy . . forestall
B. hardy . . forecast
C. robust . . withstand
D. noteworthy . . justify
E. ramshackle . . repel

11. When x-rays were discovered around the turn of the twentieth century, doctors quickly began to ------- their newfound ability to diagnose maladies by peering beneath the surface of the human body.

A. bequeath
B. deny
C. exploit
D. finesse
E. divulge

12. Though he was fascinated by the ------- behavior of others, Darek was, by contrast, the model of ------- in his own comportment.

A. hedonistic . . recklessness
B. unorthodox . . conformity
C. restless . . agitation
D. egotistical . . extremity
E. unwieldy . . rigidity

13. Teachers who consider cartoons and comic books harmful to students' literacy skills often use class time to ------- these media.

A. deride
B. rationalize
C. vindicate
D. foster
E. annotate

14. Because he had decided not to ------- himself through the sales of his new product, the inventor anonymously donated all profits to charity.

A. compromise
B. invigorate
C. impoverish
D. aggrandize
E. debilitate

15. Once he had ------- sufficient ------- information, Randall felt confident in publishing his daring article incriminating the local politician.

A. written . . substantial
B. believed . . sensational
C. obtained . . corroborating
D. reported . . hackneyed
E. discovered . . contradicting

16. Since her personal pleas had failed to make her noisy neighbors change their ways, the homeowner felt that her only ------- was to notify the police.

A. backlash
B. recourse
C. bromide
D. reckoning
E. forbearance