SAT sentence completion practice test 11

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Time 14 minutes

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1. The employer blamed the staff member's lack of productivity on ------- rather than incompetence, claiming that the man knew how to do his job but was too lazy to apply himself.

A. infatuation
B. tension
C. indigence
D. indolence
E. ineptitude

2. The audience recognized the officer's characteristic ------- when he attributed his achievements to ------- rather than bravery.

A. pedantry . . chance
B. gallantry . . whimsy
C. humility . . fortune
D. bravado . . accident
E. effrontery . . discretion

3. The strong ------- the professor was able to establish with his students made him ------- confidant for those on campus seeking advice beyond the purely academic.

A. program . . an occasional
B. rapport . . a respected
C. confidence . . an unappreciated
D. community . . an unusual
E. ambition . . a valued

4. After David left him waiting for the third consecutive time, Kirk realized that the same behavior he had initially valued as spontaneous and carefree was, in fact, simply -------.

A. capricious
B. incontrovertible
C. extraneous
D. captivating
E. inscrutable

5. The border between the two properties, never ------- by legal means, had long been the subject of ------- between the antagonistic neighbors.

A. determined . . concord
B. undermined . . hostility
C. verified . . consonance
D. quantified . . diversion
E. established . . disputation

6. Even though Charlie was in apparently good health, the doctor prescribed for him some ------- medication due to his familial history of high blood pressure.

A. presumptive
B. predictive
C. preliminary
D. premeditated
E. preventative

7. Though earlier anatomists had touched on the idea, Paul Broca was the first to ------- fully the modern notion that specific behaviors are controlled by particular areas of the human brain.

A. articulate
B. derogate
C. represent
D. refute
E. iterate

8. Designed as a gathering place, the new student lounge was appropriately ------- with tables, chairs, and even sofas where groups could assemble comfortably.

A. indicated
B. appointed
C. denuded
D. conflated
E. venerated

9. Named in honor of the school's founder, the Richard Brownstone Community Service Fellowship is one of the highest awards ------- Brownstone School graduates.

A. conscripted to
B. redeemed for
C. conferred on
D. relegated to
E. deprived of

10. The anthropology professor hoped that his latest book would appeal to popular as well as to ------- readers, thereby earning him ------- in both realms.

A. general . . disdain
B. lay . . attention
C. academic . . anonymity
D. avid . . remuneration
E. scholarly . . acclaim

11. As if intended to squelch rumors of cutbacks, the company's annual celebration was as ------- as ever.

A. sparing
B. tawdry
C. belated
D. lavish
E. sated

12. The professor's ------- lecture on American history served more to confuse the students than to clarify the difficult material.

A. perspicacious
B. exhaustive
C. cogent
D. scintillating
E. disjointed

13. Since the foreign correspondent was accustomed to completing his assignments under ------- conditions, the commotion of the subway at rush hour presented no ------- his creativity.

A. squalid . . boon for
B. tranquil . . obstruction to
C. tumultuous . . impediment to
D. destructive . . demonstration of
E. flagrant . . benefit to

14. Unlike the ------- presentations of the other students in class, Mary Catherine's presentation demonstrated a thorough and mature grasp of the material.

A. astute
B. sophomoric
C. incredulous
D. cloying
E. scintillating

15. Sadly, the author never ------- the rewards of literary success during her lifetime; public recognition and appreciation of her talent were completely -------.

A. predicted . . conclusive
B. reaped . . posthumous
C. acknowledged . . fulsome
D. appreciated . . gratuitous
E. pursued . . discredited

16. Edmund White is a ------- author: he has written novels, essays, short stories, a travel book, and a biography.

A. demonstrative
B. nebulous
C. meticulous
D. versatile
E. metaphoric

17. The archaeologist believed the coin she unearthed was ------- evidence, unquestionable proof that the site dated to the fourth century.

A. immaterial
B. potential
C. incriminating
D. nominal
E. indisputable