SAT sentence completion practice test 12

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1. Although the rigors of ballet dancing are primarily -------, this art is also emotionally and spiritually -------.

A. illusory . . taxing
B. exaggerated . . balanced
C. physical . . demanding
D. appealing . . indulgent
E. strenuous . . dubious

2. Studies of ------- among turtles are sometimes ------- by the fact that the subjects live so long that researchers retire before the studies can be completed.

A. extinction . . enhanced
B. longevity . . hampered
C. behavior . . belied
D. mortality . . bolstered
E. reproduction . . confirmed

3. A model of ------- behavior, Cunningham never ate or drank to excess.

A. temperate
B. laconic
C. duplicitous
D. aesthetic
E. voluble

4. The entrepreneur had a well-deserved reputation for -------, having accurately anticipated many changes unforeseen by established business leaders.

A. prescience
B. sincerity
C. avarice
D. complicity
E. mendacity

5. Scientists require observable data, not -------, to support a hypothesis; sound science is grounded in ------- results rather than speculation.

A. induction . . diminutive
B. experimentation . . pragmatic
C. intuition . . fiscal
D. bombast . . theoretical
E. conjecture . . empirical

6. The director complained that the sitcom's theme song was downright -------, having no more pep and vigor than a -------.

A. tedious . . jingle
B. inchoate . . lullaby
C. lugubrious . . dirge
D. facetious . . ballad
E. sprightly . . eulogy

7. The success of Notes of a Native Son ------- author James Baldwin as one of the most ------- essayists of his time.

A. buoyed . . irrelevant
B. established . . prominent
C. surrendered . . prolific
D. decried . . cynical
E. categorized . . mundane

8. In many parts of the world, people use rice as a central rather than a ------- part of their daily diets.

A. pivotal
B. ritualistic
C. salient
D. supplementary
E. solemn

9. Victor gained a reputation for being a ------- because he constantly bullied other children.

A. bungler
B. ruffian
C. stickler
D. daredevil
E. naysayer

10. Paradoxically, the senator was both a ------- and -------: she publicly defended the rights and wisdom of the people, but she often spoke with a disdainful air of superiority.

A. demagogue . . a maverick
B. conservative . . an anarchist
C. populist . . an elitist
D. moderate . . a reactionary
E. partisan . . a snob

11. The geologist speculated that eons ago, before the area was -------, the present-day island was actually a hilltop in a vast forest.

A. inundated
B. situated
C. rejuvenated
D. supplanted
E. excavated

12. The new vaccine is ------- preventing certain forms of pneumonia and should, therefore, be more widely ------- in order to prevent outbreaks of the disease.

A. required for . . constrained
B. unsuccessful in . . distributed
C. instrumental in . . reconstituted
D. effective in . . administered
E. unverified for . . disseminated

13. In an effort to ------- the ------- theater, the troupe members contributed thousands of dollars to keep the playhouse operating.

A. qualify . . obsolete
B. salvage . . floundering
C. exacerbate . . defunct
D. revitalize . . prosperous
E. commandeer . . lucrative

14. In her writings about language, the poet Gloria Anzaldua celebrates the ------- of English and Spanish dialects spoken by Mexican Americans, arguing that such ------- lends an empowering flexibility to expression.

A. multiplicity . . variety
B. proliferation . . moderation
C. ambivalence . . focus
D. dearth . . depletion
E. abridgment . . imitation

15. The mountain road was distinctly -------: it twisted back and forth along the contours of the hillside.

A. panoramic
B. precipitous
C. serpentine
D. circumscribed
E. retrograde

16. At the family reunion Hiroko found her cousin charming and gentle, the ------- of his formerly rude and overbearing self.

A. remnant
B. antithesis
C. consequence
D. extremity
E. mainstay

17. His conduct at the state dinner was a cavalcade of blunders, one ------- following another until the evening ended.

A. query
B. gibe
C. gaffe
D. tryst
E. tribute