SAT sentence completion practice test 13

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Time 12 minutes

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1. The----- of Maria Irene Fornes' play Mud—a realistic room perched on a dirt pile—challenges conventional interpretations of stage scenery.

A. appeal
B. plot
C. mood
D. setting
E. rehearsal

2. Ironically, an affluent society that purchases much more food than it actually needs suffers because of that -----, since in conditions of affluence diseases relate to overeating and a poor nutrition seem to -----.

A. lavishness… adapt
B. overabundance…thrive
C. corpulence…vex
D. practicality…awaken
E. commonness…abound

3. Because of the ----- effects of the hot springs, tourists suffering from various ailments flocked to the village's thermal pools.

A. succulent
B. redolent
C. cerebral
D. mandatory
E. therapeutic

4. More valuable and comprehensive than any previously proposed theory of the phenomenon, Salarza's research has ------ the basis for all subsequent----- in their field.

A. undermine… advancements
B. prepared… debacles
C. provided…investigations
D. dissolved… experiments
E. reinforced… misconceptions

5. Dangerously high winds ------ attempts to begin the space shuttle mission on schedule, delaying the launch by nearly a week.

A. thwarted
B. forfeited
C. implemented
D. discharged
E. redoubled

6. The guest speaker on Oprah Winfrey's talk show offended the audience by first ------ them and then refuse to moderate these ------- remarks.

A. flattering…commendable
B. haranguing…intemperate
C. praising… radical
D. enraging… conciliatory
E. accommodating… indulgent.

7. By the end of the long, arduous hike, Chris was walking with a ------- gait, limping slowly back to the campsite.

A. halting
B. robust
C. constant
D. prompt
E. facile

8. Actors in melodramas often emphasized tense moments by being ------, for example, raising their voices and pretending to swoon.

A. imperious
B. inscrutable
C. convivial
D. histrionic
E. solicitous

9. Soon after the first visitors arrived, increasing numbers of the residents of the remote island thought it possible that the outside world, instead of being -------, could be ------- and worth exploring.

A. insular... unlimited
B. friendly...wicked
C. amiable...cooperative
D. threatening...fascinating
E. forbidding...harmful

10. Her dislike of ------ made her regard people who tried to win her approval through praise as -----.

A. autocrats… dictators
B. defiance… toadies
C. tyrants… connoisseurs
D. adulation… superiors
E. flattery… sycophants

11. Some scientists speculate that a small pterosaur of the Jurassic period known as Sordes pilous had------- wings that were thin, pliable and somewhat transparent.

A. callous
B. arable
C. inflexible
D. membranous
E. viscous

12. To reflect the ------ of nation's spoken languages, its writers often make use of a mixture of dialects.

A. articulation
B. intonation
C. spontaneity
D. profundity
E. heterogeneity

13. She apologized profusely, only to discover that her self-serving excuses failed to have a ------ effect.

A. reprehensible
B. palliative
C. depreciatory
D. litigious
E. compendious

14. A swindler's ------- is usually a gullible person who is unable to resist the swindler's traps.

A. peer
B. ally
C. prey
D. nemesis
E. superior

15. Improvements in refrigeration and transportation in the nineteenth century ------ the ------ of available food for many families in United States.

A. slowed…distribution
B. accelerate… perishability
C. expanded… variety
D. lowered… amount
E. created…dearth