SAT sentence completion practice test 14

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Question 15 questions

Time 12 minutes

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1. Although Eudora Welty and William Faulkner wrote in distinctively different style, ------- between the two is ------- because they both lived in and wrote about Mississippi.

A. comparison… inevitable
B. cooperation… destructive
C. discord…legendary
D. similarity… unlikely
E. rivalry… redundant

2. Cito Gaston, one of the least ------ baseball managers, surprised reporters by weeping openly after his team won the play-offs.

A. somber
B. demonstrative
C. insufferable
D. bountiful
E. wistful

3. The critic's writing is so obscure and dense that upon first reading, one finds its ------- hard to penetrate.

A. brevity
B. rigidity
C. floridity
D. harmony
E. opacity

4. Oil companies seeking permission to drill in Alaskan wildlife refuge areas argued that, for animals, the effects of previous drilling in comparable areas have been ----- .

A. irrepressible
B. counterproductive
C. negligible
D. momentous
E. magnanimous

5. To avoid being -------, composer Stephen Sondheim strives for an element of surprise in his songs.

A. erratic
B. informal
C. elaborate
D. predictable
E. idiosyncratic

6. Because the pandas had already been weakened by the disease and drought, a harsh winter would have had ------ consequences for them.

A. preventive
B. regressive
C. catastrophic
D. unforeseen
E. moderate

7. For many of the villagers, marriage was a practical ------, one not necessarily ------ of love but nevertheless grounded largely in economic advantage.

A. arrangement… devoid
B. entertainment… disparaging
C. attitude… consisting
D. bargain… worthy
E. misfortune… trusting

8. Maggie is a procrastinator, inclined to ------ and to ------ discussions.

A. meddle… scoff at
B. temporize… prolong
C. misbehave… disrupt
D. sneer… terminate
E. withdraw… intrude in

9. Just as glass windows offer buildings both light and insulation, certain atmospheric gases ------ incoming sunlight and -------- heat radiated from the ground, preventing warmth from escaping.

A. conduct… release
B. deflect… transmit
C. admit… contain
D. absorb… dispense
E. resist… trap

10. The speaker, praised for her style yet ridiculed for her vacuity, often moved naive listeners with ----- alone and led them to believe that her speech had ------.

A. reason… dalliance
B. infelicity… conviction
C. rhetoric… substance
D. pragmatism… futility
E. boorishness… integrity

11. The actor was note for his ----- behavior; he quickly became irritated if his every whim was not immediately satisfied.

A. fastidious
B. sedulous
C. vindictive
D. petulant
E. mercenary

12. Hayley Mill's films have been called ------, although most of them are not so sentimental as to deserve that description.

A. treacly
B. cursory
C. prosaic
D. meticulous
E. consecrated

13. Predictably, the detail-oriented workers are ------- keeping track of the myriad particulars of a situation.

A. remiss in
B. adept at
C. humorous about
D. hesitant about
E. contemptuous about

14. The controversial tax fueled a sustained ------ that could not be ------- by the Prime Minister's impassioned speeches.

A. rebellion… challenged
B. interrogation… fortified
C. conflagration… fosterd
D. denial… restrained
E. uprising… quelled

15. Inbreeding can promote the expression of ----- genes, those that make an animal subject to disease or impair reproductive efficiency.

A. ineffable
B. articulated
C. consummate
D. presumptive
E. deleterious