SAT sentence completion practice test 16

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Time 12 minutes

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1. In rock climbing, survival depends as much on -------, the ability to perceive without conscious reasoning, as on physical strength.

A. autonomy
B. incoherence
C. intuition
D. sophistry
E. receptivity

2. Using computer labs to ------- classroom instruction is most effective when the curriculum ------ lab exercises and classroom teaching in a coordinated manner.

A. supplement… integrates
B. substantiate… undermines
C. remedy… compromises
D. disparage… reinforces
E. foster… curtails

3. Many ------ of the style of the paintings exemplified by Marcel Duchamp's work focused on Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase as the -------- of what they detested about the modern art.

A. critics… epitome
B. proponents… realization
C. advocates… embodiment
D. debunkers… rejection
E. belittler… reversal

4. Colonial American playwright Mercy Otis Warren was known for her political -------; her keen judgment and insight were widely acknowledged.

A. partisanship
B. intemperance
C. acumen
D. irreverence
E. interest

5. Johnson's writing is considered ------ and ------ because it is filled with obscure references and baffling digressions.

A. deceiving… ingenuous
B. arcane… abstruse
C. spare… didactic
D. lucid… definitive
E. concise… esoteric

6. Because the congresswoman has been so openhanded with many of her constituents, it is difficult to reconcile this ------ with her private ------.

A. selfishness… inattention
B. insolence… virtue
C. magnanimity… pettiness
D. opportunism… ambition
E. solicitousness… generosity

7. As sea urchins become scarcer, divers are ------ to more dangerous depths to retrieve them, ------- the potential for diving injuries.

A. swimming… lessening
B. descending… increasing
C. removing… avoiding
D. returning… seeing
E. climbing… creating

8. Anne mentioned John's habitual boasting about his wardrobe as an example of his ------- ways.

A. erratic
B. egotistical
C. flexible
D. tactful
E. inconspicuous

9. His peers respected him because ------- both --------; steadfast in his beliefs and tactful in his negotiations.

A. Resourceful… courteous
B. Tenacious… manipulative
C. Determined… demonstrative
D. Resolute… diplomatic
E. Outspoken… indiscriminate

10. Considering that many women had little control over their own lives in medieval England, Margery Kempe's fifteenth-century autobiography demonstrates a remarkable degree of -------.

A. consecration
B. rationalism
C. autonomy
D. effacement
E. simplicity

11. Following the decree banning ------ acts, suspected ------- could be forcibly detained without the filing of the formal charges.

A. Rebellious… conformists
B. Apolitical… loyalists
C. Seditious… insurrectionists
D. Subversive… nonpartisans
E. Supportive… opponents

12. By portraying a wide spectrum of characters in his one-man show, John Leguizamo provides a ------- to the theatre's tendency to offer a limited range of roles to Latino actors.

A. corrective
B. tribute
C. corollary
D. stimulus
E. precursor

13. The rebels saw the huge statue of the dictator as ------ of the totalitarian and swiftly toppled the monument.

A. an indictment
B. an illusion
C. a copy
D. a symbol
E. a mockery

14. Residents of the isolated island were forced to master the art of the navigation, becoming the most ------ sailors.

A. adept
B. temperamental
C. congenial
D. vulnerable
E. reclusive

15. The spotted bowerbird has a ------ for amassing the bright shiny objects it needs for decorating its bower: it will enter houses to ------- cutlery, coins, thimbles, nails, screws, even car keys.

A. Knack… assess
B. Penchant… pilfer
C. Purpose… dispense
D. Predilection… disturb
E. Remedy….raid