SAT sentence completion practice test 17

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Time 12 minutes

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1. Not only was the science of Hildegard Bingen ------ her theology, but her religious visions helped give her scientific works ------- by winning her the support of the medieval church authorities.

A. inseparable from… legitimacy
B. unconcerned with… prestige
C. derived from… profundity
D. related to … accuracy
E. diminished by… detachment

2. Opponents of the research institute label it ------ anachronism; its scholars, they allege, have ------ rivaling those of pre-Revolutionary French nobility.

A. An elitist… perquisites
B. A monarchial… tribulations
C. An irreproachable…luxuries
D. A reprehensible… afflictions
E. A commendable… privileges

3. O'Leary tolerates worms and snakes but is ------- about insects: he has an exaggerated fear of them.

A. agnostic
B. eclectic
C. empire
D. phobic
E. quixotic

4. The challenge facing the public health officials is to ------- an outbreak of disease and then ------- that school children are immunized.

A. Foster… provide
B. Predict… allege
C. Sustain… question
D. Effect… ascertain
E. Anticipate… ensure

5. Guests at the party found the general merriment infectious and were won over by the party's ------.

A. presumption
B. gaiety
C. conspicuousness
D. unexpectedness
E. brevity

6. Demagogues do not deserve full blame for last summer's public hysteria: although they turned the mood to the political advantage, they did not actually ------ it.

A. oppose
B. subdue
C. create
D. postpone
E. confirm

7. Orangutans are ------ apes: they typically conduct most of their lives up in the trees of tropical rain forests.

A. indigenous
B. transitory
C. recessive
D. pliant
E. arboreal

8. Since establishing the Children's Defense Fund in 1973, Marian Wright Edelman has been an ------ advocate, steadfast and constant.

A. unwitting
B. unswerving
C. inhibiting
D. elusive
E. antagonistic

9. The author ------- the last act of her play to appease those critics who -------- the work for its brevity.

A. Eliminated… extolled
B. Condensed… censured
C. Expanded… disparaged
D. Intensified… glorified
E. Rearranged… endorsed

10. The editorial claimed that the gubernatorial candidate lacked worldly wisdom and that this ------ would likely be his undoing.

A. naïveté
B. furtiveness
C. venality
D. indecisiveness
E. sarcasm

11. In the 1960's Americans ------- Jean Toomer's 1923 book Cane when an interest in Black culture ------- many of them to read the classics of Black fiction.

A. Neglected… coerced
B. Rediscovered… inspired
C. Limited… required
D. Collected… allowed
E. Circulated… disinclined

12. In addition to ------ stacks of resumes and references, some employers want to ------- the hiring process by employing graphologists to study applicants' handwriting for character analysis.

A. Evaluating… supplement
B. Envisioning… circumvent
C. Ignoring… depersonalize
D. Ameliorating… revisit
E. Condoning… belabor

13. Tame koala handled by tourists are -------, but wild koalas are hard to control and typically require two people to hold them.

A. mischievous
B. gluttonous
C. supple
D. adroit
E. docile

14. Ms. Rivers gave a performance of noteworthy ------: her piano repertoire ranged from classical music to jazz.

A. intensity
B. precision
C. scope
D. polish
E. duration

15. The skepticism of some ancient philosophers ------ and helps to elucidate varieties of nihilism that appeared in the early nineteenth century.

A. suppresses
B. disseminates
C. undermines
D. confounds
E. foreshadows