SAT sentence completion practice test 18

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Time 12 minutes

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1. Some critics of the congressional proceedings contend that important debates on issues are marred by a ------ of denunciations and accusations that precludes ------- discourse.

A. repertory… expendable
B. paucity… meaningful
C. barrage… libelous
D. rehash… repetitive
E. cacophony… orderly

2. Like many other groups of people in the United States who have needed laws to ------- equal rights, Americans with disabilities have had to ------- legislation addressing their concerns.

A. Guarantee… lobby for
B. Preclude… enact
C. Ascertain… consolidate
D. Compound… contend with
E. Suppress… ratify

3. The cafe attracts a ------- clientele: a startlingly heterogeneous group of people collects here.

A. motley
B. callous
C. languid
D. mysterious
E. humane

4. The second edition of the textbook provides ------- footnotes; since the first edition, the editors have apparently ------- a great deal of background data.

A. Meager… accumulated
B. Illegible… clarified
C. Copious… amassed
D. Voluminous… excised
E. Monotonous… embellished

5. Professor Fernandez has been ------- about most of the purportedly humanitarian aspects of the colonial government and has insisted its actions were, on the contrary, -------.

A. Dubious… self-serving
B. Enthusiastic… contemptible
C. Disparaging… sporadic
D. Excited… gratuitous
E. Disillusioned… benevolent

6. Concrete is ------- of many materials, a composite of rocks, pebbles, sand and cement.

A. a conflagration
B. a distillation
C. a concordance
D. an aberration
E. a amalgamation

7. The depiction of the ------- wolf is largely a misconception; wolves are ------- creatures that prefer to run in packs.

A. Howling…noisy
B. Maternal… shy
C. Lone… social
D. Vicious… dangerous
E. Hungry… famished

8. Jazz pioneer Louis Armstrong is renowned for his improvisations on the trumpet; his innovations as a vocalist are equally ------- .

A. obscure
B. severe
C. conventional
D. erroneous
E. noteworthy

9. Andrew's hunch that Ms. Smith would lose the election was ------- when her opponent won in a landslide, proving Andrew's -------- to be correct.

A. Compromised… prediction
B. Rejected… insolence
C. Substantiated… endorsement
D. Confirmed… intuition
E. Belied…. Retraction

10. The medicine does not have a salutary effect by ------- pain, even if recent studies prove that it cannot eliminate such discomfort entirely.

A. alleviating
B. distracting
C. revitalizing
D. eradicating
E. augmenting

11. The intern was almost too ------; he felt the suffering of his patients as if it were his own.

A. candid
B. disarming
C. empathetic
D. insightful
E. hysterical

12. As the charismatic speaker left the podium, she was surrounded by ------- of zealous supporters who -------- our attempts to approach her.

A. An entourage… interfered with
B. A debacle… concurred with
C. A faction… pertained to
D. A dearth… intercepted
E. A coalition… encompassed

13. Sally was a lighthearted and even-tempered woman; she had none of her sister's -------.

A. affluence
B. affability
C. equanimity
D. resilience
E. truculence

14. Because postmodernist critics often rely on ------ language, their prose seems -------- to nonspecialists who fail to comprehend its meaning.

A. accessible… abstruse
B. arcane… unequivocal
C. esoteric… impenetrable
D. (D)hackneyed… exotic
E. (E)lucid… grating

15. Eduardo was ------- to find the editorial he has written was ------ by several typographical errors.

A. Dismayed… authenticated
B. Overjoyed… exacerbated
C. Intrigued… enveloped
D. Prepared… enhanced
E. Embarrassed… marred