SAT sentence completion practice test 19

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Question 15 questions

Time 12 minutes

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1. In order to ------ the loss of natural wetland used by migrating snow geese, the conservationists in the 1960's and 1970's ------- wetland refuges in the northern prairies.

A. Standardize… ignored
B. Offset… surrendered
C. Explain… dismantled
D. Compensate for… established
E. Account for… administered

2. Frequently used as a spice, ginger also has ----- properties: it can be used to treat coughs, colds, and upset stomachs.

A. timeworn
B. invariable
C. edible
D. curative
E. descriptive

3. The scientific organization ------- the newspaper for prominently covering the predictions of a psychic while -------- to report on a major research conference.

A. Celebrated… failing
B. Promoted… refusing
C. Denounced… neglecting
D. Spurned… hastening
E. Honored… opting

4. The colors and patterns on butterflies' wings may seem merely ------, but they are actually ------- the survival of these insects, enabling them to attract mates and to hide from predators.

A. Artificial… dependent on
B. Unique… unnecessary to
C. Decorative… instrumental in
D. Beautiful... results of
E. Unrelated… precursors of

5. A discerning publishing agent can ------ promising material from a mass of submissions, separating the good from the bad.

A. supplant
B. dramatize
C. finagle
D. winnow
E. overhaul

6. Residents of the secluded island fear that ------- commercial development will ------- their quiet way of life.

A. Widespread… reinforce
B. Waning… harm
C. Diminishing… reform
D. Encroaching… disturb
E. Further… aid

7. Thought it is often exclusively ------- Brazil, the Amazon jungle actually -------- parts of eight other South American countries.

A. Protected by… threatens
B. Located in… bypasses
C. Limited to… touches
D. Surrounded by… borders
E. Associated with… covers

8. Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar's recent book presents a ------- of detail, providing far more information than one can easily digest.

A. modicum
B. discrepancy
C. surfeit
D. deficit
E. juxtaposition

9. More ------ than his predecessor, Superintendent Reynolds would, many predicted, have a far less ------- term of office.

A. Phlegmatic… apathetic
B. Conciliatory… confrontational
C. Empathetic… compassionate
D. Vigilant… reputable
E. Penurious… frugal

10. Galloping technological progress has made consumers -------: advances undreamed of a generation ago are so common that they seem humdrum.

A. flabbergasted
B. miffed
C. jaded
D. wary
E. embittered

11. They use language not to explain but to ------; each statement is like a reflection in a warped mirror.

A. preserve
B. distort
C. enlighten
D. negate
E. destroy

12. Colonial South Carolina was characterized by cultural --------: Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans each absorbed some customs of the other groups.

A. tension
B. conservatism
C. integrity
D. convergence
E. eradication

13. Anna Freud's impact on psychoanalysis was -------, coming not from one brilliant discovery but from a lifetime first-rate work.

A. tangential
B. premature
C. exorbitant
D. indiscernible
E. cumulative

14. Francis learned that by ------- his anger and resentment and so avoiding -------, he could overcome opponents more successfully than those who openly defied their adversaries.

A. Expressing…. Hostility
B. Suppressing… conflict
C. Stifling… temperance
D. Disguising… deceit
E. Rousing… wrath

15. Sleep actually occurs --------, though one may receive clues signaling its ------- for several minutes before one falls asleep.

A. Gradually… abruptness
B. Erratically… solace
C. Temporarily… length
D. Inevitably… approach
E. Instantaneously… onset