SAT sentence completion practice test 20

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1. Ellen Swallow Richards, a ------- environmental preservation in the United States, campaigned during the nineteenth century to -------- responsible practice in the discipline that has come to be known as ecology.

A. Foil for… expose
B. Pioneer of …. Implement
C. Resource on… squelch
D. Mitigator… promote
E. Critic of… exploit

2. Laila performed her tasks at the office with -------, completing all her projects in record time.

A. alacrity
B. conformity
C. deliberation
D. recrimination
E. exasperation

3. Critics say that autobiographical work Brothers and Keepers by John Edgar Wideman is surprising in that it celebrates and yet ------- his own role in the life of his brother.

A. censures
B. exacerbates
C. explores
D. duplicates
E. delineates

4. Many writers associated with Harlem Renaissance were not originally from Harlem; drawn by artistic community it provided, they ------- the place as home.

A. neglected
B. adopted
C. avoided
D. criticized
E. encountered

5. Nicknamed the "contact lens", the device installed on the Hubble telescopes successfully -------- its flawed vision, the result of a faulty mirror.

A. corrected
B. displayed
C. generated
D. scrutinized
E. accentuated

6. As an architect who rehabilitates older buildings, Robert Washington objected to a city policy that resulted in the mass ------- of clearly ------- structures.

A. Demolition… inconsequential
B. Renovation… derelict
C. Razing… salvageable
D. Protection… venerable
E. Scouring… grimy

7. The treasurer was intimidated by the ------- demeanor of the auditors who neither spoke nor smile when they arrived

A. amiable
B. ethical
C. glacial
D. taunting
E. nondescript

8. Rodolfo Gonzales was once described as ------- in body and mind because of the flexibility and grace apparent in both his boxing and his writing of poetry and plays.(bingo+因果关系)

A. unyielding
B. tremulous
C. emphatic
D. lithe
E. fickle

9. On the verge of financial collapse, the museum was granted a -------, receiving a much-needed ------- of cash in the form of government loan.

A. Reprieve… infusion
B. Deferment… inducement
C. Rebate… advance
D. Hearing… security
E. Procurement… account

10. Initially only the carpeting outside the restroom was ------- by water from the burst pipe; eventually the entire hallway flooded.

A. diverted
B. confined
C. scuttled
D. cleansed
E. drenched

11. Communal nests have advantages and disadvantages for animals like voles and mice: they enable the animals to ------ body heat, but leave them more -------- to discovery by predators.

A. Insure… inclined
B. Maintain… vulnerable
C. Squander… liable
D. Stimulate… resistant
E. Retain… immune

12. He displayed a nearly pathological -------, insisting on knowing every details of his friends' lives.

A. orderliness
B. credulity
C. curiosity
D. shyness
E. morbidity

13. Despite global efforts to ------- malaria, this mosquito-borne disease continues to -------: the World Health Organization estimates that it still affects up 500 million people a year.

A. Cure… flag
B. Foster… thrive
C. Combat… abate
D. Scrutinize… prosper
E. Eradicate… flourish

14. Although condemned by the review panel, to film critic Pauline Kael the movie seemed entirely ------- and unlikely to offend.

A. impressionable
B. innocuous
C. unsuitable
D. insensitive
E. unapproachable

15. The reviewer characterized Modanna Swan-Abdalla's autobiography as a portrait of a ------- person, one who prevailed against great odds.

A. empathetic
B. indomitable
C. expeditious
D. idiosyncratic
E. astute