SAT sentence completion practice test 22

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Time 12 minutes

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1. The author used a rhetorical question as a terminal flourish to -------- the section of text.

A. disclose
B. rearrange
C. simplify
D. conclude
E. ascertain

2. Foamy viruses cause cells in laboratories to swell but produce no much ------- in cells of living organisms.

A. compression
B. disintegration
C. distension
D. deflation
E. dehydration

3. The two sisters selflessly dedicated their lives to the nursing profession; their ------ made them ------, ones whose ways are worthy of imitation.

A. Aptitude… eccentrics
B. Morality… emancipators
C. Erudition… enigmas
D. Devotion… egotists
E. Altruism… exemplars

4. Annoyed by the new employee's excessively -------- manner, the supervisor advised him that such fawning was inappropriate.

A. obsequious
B. mysterious
C. lackadaisical
D. argumentative
E. aggressive

5. Conservationists argue that unconstrained ------- of natural resources, which might deplete them forever, should be replaced by a policy of -------.

A. Dismissal… preparation
B. Consumption… dispersion
C. Harvesting… gathering
D. Exploitation… husbandry
E. Stockpiling… extirpation

6. Much interpersonal communication is implicit in -------, expressive movement.

A. exposes
B. verbalization
C. gestures
D. cognitions
E. intuitions

7. By virtue of her extensive experience and her -------- of practical knowdge, 87-year-old Louisa Vigil was -------- by her family in New Mexico as its chief advice-giver and matriarch.

A. Store… condemned
B. Supply… dismissed
C. Wealth… regarded
D. Modicum… abandoned
E. Deficit… praised

8. Castillo's poetry has generated only enthusiastic reponse: praise from the general public and ------ from the major critics.

A. condemnation
B. sarcasm
C. plaudits
D. irony
E. pathos

9. The twigs of this shrub have a signature ------- whose pungency enables people to ------- shrub even in winter when its leaves have fallen.

A. Scent… cultivate
B. Flavor… conceal
C. Appearance… recognize
D. Texture… locate
E. Aroma… identify

10. The announcement that the city would raze the landmark school building was such a distressing -------- that it provoked an outcry.

A. disclosure
B. evaluation
C. liberation
D. instance
E. inquiry

11. Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris co-wrote The Crown of Columbus, a ------- effort successfully mingling their individual styles as writers.

A. stratified
B. fitful
C. collaborate
D. vicarious
E. corresponding

12. The eager members of the audience found the lecture topic -----, but unfortunately the lecturer' droning voice had a ------ effect.

A. Interesting… rousing
B. Advantageous… beneficial
C. Rudimentary… reassuring
D. Insipid… bland
E. Stimulating… soporific

13. Displays in the Australian Museum's exhibition on dinosaurs are designed to be touched, offering visitors ------- experience.

A. an odoriferous
B. an archaic
C. an aural
D. a rustic
E. a tactile

14. The magician's ------- astonished us; her deft performance proved the old saying that the hand is quicker than the eye.

A. discernment
B. tenacity
C. hilarity
D. adroitness
E. insecurity

15. Although Keller achieved national -------- as a hero, hie lamentable ------- in the political arena soon became painfully apparent.

A. Recognition… versatility
B. Ignominy… inadquecy
C. Prestige… finesse
D. Prominence… ineptitude
E. Notoriety… rectitude

16. The professor argued that every grassroots movement needs -------; without this public declaration of motives, there can be no cohesive organization.

A. an invocation
B. a prospectus
C. a manifesto
D. an arbitration
E. a mandate