SAT Test: eliminating answers strategy

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Sometimes you won't be able to eliminate any answers, and other times there are questions that you won't have time to look at. For those, we have a simple solution. Pick a "letter of the day," or LOTD (from A to D) and use that letter for all the questions from which you weren't able to eliminate any choices.

This is a quick and easy way to make sure that you've bubbled everything. It also has some potential statistical advantages. If all the answers show up about a fourth of the time and you guess the same answer every time you have to guess, you're likely to get a couple of freebies.

LOTD should absolutely be an afterthought; it's far more important and helpful to your score to eliminate answer choices. But for those questions you don't know at all, LOTD is better than full-on random guessing or no strategy at all.

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